Wool & Yarn


We stock the latest in trendy local and imported wool, yarn and knitting accessories.

We have a extraordinary range of colours and all kinds of blends to suit any project you’re making.


Yarn means spun thread for weaving or knitting. Wool means soft hair derived from the fleece of sheep or other animals. Wool is a type of yarnYarn generally refers to long continuous interlocked fibers that may be used for textiles, knitting, weaving, etc

4 Ply

4 Ply (or fingering) yarn is the sweetheart of the sock universe, and has always been a huge favourite for making shawls, doing lace work and for fine knits with colour work. Often knitted on 3.25mm needles or smaller, it creates a fine fabric which is ideal for babywear – 3.00mm for crochet.

Double Knit

Popularly used for baby and lightweight garments. A very classic weight for children’s knits. This particular yarn is ideal for children’s designs and a wonderful choice for colourful knitting techniques.

Knit: 3.5mm

Crochet: 3.5mm

3 Ply

Wool/yarn is ideal for socks, shawls, scarves, babywear and fine knits. Ensuring that your garment is light, flexible and perfect for lace stitches. It knits on a 3.00mm need or smaller. 3 Ply is also popular for crocheting on 2.50mm needle.

Chunky Wool

Chunky wool is a stupendous choice for snug jumpers in the winter and stylish cardigans. Chunky wool knits well on 5.5mm needles or smaller, same rule applies for crocheting.

Mega Chunky

The ultimate choice for cabled cushions, poufs and texture-rich throws. Alternatively, Mega Chunky is also a perfect choice oversized jumpers and scarves.

Spaghetti Yarn

The ultimate crochet and knitting yarn, usually made from 100% recycled material.

Eyelash Yarn

A type of novelty yarn. It appears as a thread base, with several long strands spaced at even intervals that jut out at an angle from the main strand. The long strands, or hair, can be metallic, opalescent, matte, or a combination of types.

30% Bamboo and Cotton

100% Organically grown cotton twisted with Bamboo and hand dyed.

100% Bamboo

Made of Bamboo grass, harvested and distilled to cellulose that is then spun into the yarn. Bamboo is a beautiful, natural fibre that wears well and is often considered naturally anti-bacterial.